Harley Project (mk2)

This is the story of my Harley (mk2) project, (winter 2001), new frame with the engine rubber mounted, and rear suspension.

First build your shed

I started with a rigid frame.

Collect some bits:-
Rigid chop frame (with the back end cut off), seat, oil tank and axle
and mock it up.

Font engine mount
Rear mount
Rear mount again

CAUTION the engine is heavy - always get someone else to lift it.

Another mock-up, looks very retro!

Swing arm from front.
Swing arm from rear.

Yet another mockup !

Finished Trike

Well it's as finished as it's likely to be for this summer, but I'm not sure if I like it so there are plans in mind for further mods next winter (anti-roll bar, raise exhaust, lower frame and seat height). Note the change of wheels, those old 14" Compomotives were goosed, so I had to use some 16" rims with 225/40 tyres instead as they were the same overall diameter.

ENDNOTE Well it turned out that I hated the thing and it kept destroying batteries and breaking down for various reasons. I nearly sold it, I nearley took an axe to it, but family members held me back. Eventually the Yam XS1100 turned up so I imprisoned the Harley in a lock-up. One day when funds permit I will rebuild it in its original form.