Welcome to The Trikenest

This site was originally created in November of 2002 to be dedicated to all things Trike, pictures, ideas, projects, runs and anything else that I think would be of interest, including technical stuff, bikes and possibly related products. I aim to keep this site reasonably up to date, so it will be worth coming back occasionally. Last updated 24/7/10 (move to new server) Not before time, some would say.

You won't find any wizzy backgrounds or flashy graphics coz I don't like them. They usually take ages to load and make reading the content difficult (especially after 8 pints of Old and Filthy).

Opinions on these pages are mine and I take no responsibility for anything that you may do arising from them.
If you find any broken links please let me know (this site is maintained under the affluence of inkerhol)

If you have any comments about this site (maybe you've tried to look at it with a different browser and found it ok - or it crashed and burned!!) please email me via the Comments/guest book.

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