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I think his bandana has slipped!
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Last year's Christmas card, it took bloody ages to airbrush out the horses

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Nice little graphic can't remember where it came from so apologies to the artist.

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How to build a treehuggers electric trike (123kb), maybe I'll keep this picture handy, we could all end up building these if the Government gets it's way !!

An electric motorbike !!!!! won't get far with that power lead though.

10 Reasons Why Trikes are Better Than Women

1. A Trike will kill you quickly...a woman takes her time.
2. Trikes can be turned on by a flick of a switch.
3. You can ride a Trike any time of the month.
4. Trikes don't come with in-laws.
5. Trikes don't whine unless something is really wrong.
6. Trikes don't care about how many other Trikes you have rode.
7. When riding, you and your Trike both arrive at the same time.
8. Trikes don't mind if you look at other Trikes, or even if you buy Trike magazines.
9. It's OK to use tie-downs on your Trike.
10. Sometimes, Trikes even forgive mistakes.

10 Things I Understand About Women


Psst. want to know how to make a small fortune , using your Trike??....click here

My favourite ad

Why I no longer ride my bike

H-D stands for "hundred dollars" - the starting price for anything to do with Harleys.

Computer Department

Year 2000 compatible keyboard

Click here for Microsoft's latest software strategy.

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but really scary things come from Skaros and live in Bournemouth now (the Dalek not me!).

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This will cure that bald spot!.

From Steve S.W. Scotland