I decided to have the tank on the Harley painted by a mate of mine, I wasn't really sure what I wanted, so Marty suggested a Stars n Stripes theme. It sounded OK to me so I left the final design upto him.

I must admit when I saw step one (above) I did wonder

But when the job was finished I was dead chuffed, and I feel that letting Marty loose with his artistc ideas really paid off. In amongst the flag type stars you'd expect are recognisable constellations
The pictures don't do the paint or the apparent depth justice, next time I take the tank off I'll try and get better photos.
I've already been talking to Marty about having the Yam tank done, but I've not come up with a theme yet, when I do I'll feature it here.

Well I never could make decisions so I gave Marty the Yam tank and sidepanels and told him to paint them.

I was so pleased with the results that I had him paint the mudguards as well. It's not that easy to see, but the paint starts off purple and then blends into blue, and it's all glittery.

I also had Marty paint my Teardrop Trailer to match the Yam.