Yamaha XS1100 Trike

This is the story of my Yamaha project (summer 2001). A Yam 1100 Trike, I've always liked the old XS. I owned a XS750 & XS850 in my youth but could never afford the big'un.
Some would say it's sacrilege to cut up a Midnight Special as it must be nearly a classic but this specimen was not in very good nick.

Take one tatty Yam 11

Remove all the bits you don't want and get some tube and a few pieces of 6mm plate.

A bit of cutting, bending and welding and a day later it's sitting on three wheels

Finished Trike on the road

2002 Update

During the winter I rebuilt the gearbox, fitted a stage 3 Dynojet kit, S&B air filters and an ART end can. The tank, sidepanels and mudguards were sprayed, along with other various parts. That horrible white seat is gone. The world's only Trikenest Yamaha is recognised by the government too! (note the make on the tax disc).

Many Thanks to Bruce of the Arrowhead Trike & Bike Social Club for all his help and the use of his garage and gear.